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About Providence Healthcare

Providence Healthcare is one of the best NDIS service providers in Australia that aims to empower people with disability to become more independent. We help the vulnerable members of our community get the support they need to achieve their goals by providing quality care and services.

In the last 2 years, we have focused on building services to support people with a range of physical and mental disabilities. With over 100 staff members spread across Victoria, our team is equipped to assist participants at home, onsite and in the community. As a GP-aligned registered NDIS Provider, Providence Healthcare adheres to the highest standards and takes a holistic approach to care and support.

Our team consists of a wide range of health professionals including an Exercise Physiologist, Psychologist, Psychosocial Recovery Coach, Support Workers, Counsellors, Registered Nurses, and General Physicians. We are approved to provide a range of NDIS services including 24*7 complex support, support coordination, psychosocial recovery coaching, community nursing, early childhood internventions, supported independent living and more.

As a client-centric organisation, we go above and beyond to help participants reach their goals and live more independent lives.


Why Choose Providence Healthcare?

  • Customer focused in our service, creative in our solutions
  • Courageous in speaking up, determined in facing challenges
  • Authentic in our relationships, honest and transparent in our conduct
  • Accountable in our work, responsible and responsive in our actions and behaviours
  • Respectful of choices to empower individual and independent thinking
  • Embracing of diversity and inclusion
  • Passionate about our work, driven by our vision and values

Our Mission

To support those in our community who live with a disability and to provide excellent services

Our Vision

To provide a superior, and morally sound service to all our clients.

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