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Providence Healthcare is a registered NDIS service provider. We aim to empower people with disability and complex support needs to become more independent and achieve their goals. Providence Healthcare provides personalised quality care for the vulnerable members of our community.



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Providence Healthcare NDIS Services

We don’t let Disabilities define your Abilities!

Providence Healthcare helps you explore the outside world and develop peer relationships

We help our participants find the right service providers for their support needs.

Our trained health professionals assess and design a personalised therapy plan for you

Need a little help with household chores – Providence Healthcare has got you covered

At Providence Healthcare, find highly- trained Nurses to assist you in living a more independent life

About Us

Providence Healthcare is the best NDIS service provider in Australia as we have always put the “People with Disabilities” first.
Our mission is “To support those in our community who live with a disability with excellent services”. We aim to help people with disabilities and special care needs get all the support they require to become independent. Providence Healthcare personalises all of its services to your individual support needs. Our disability support services are available to the physical as well as the mentally disabled.

What’s Special about Providence Healthcare?

We believe in providing person-centric care and customise our services to your individual needs. Providence Healthcare is a client-centric organisation, that goes above and beyond to help participants reach their goals.

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What does Providence Healthcare Do?

Your Helpful NDIS Service Provider!

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) replaced the former Disability Support Pension (DSP). It began in 2012. NDIS is an Australian government-funded scheme, that helps people with disability live independently and pays for their essential living costs. It covers costs such as rent, food, transportation and equipment, etc.

NDIS is different from other social welfare schemes as any person with a disability can apply for it regardless of their income or assets. The government pays for the majority of the costs of the NDIS, and people with disabilities just need to pay a small monthly premium.

Providence Healthcare is a registered NDIS service provider. We provide the individuals with their own unique care plan which gives them more choice and control over their life, goals and daily activities. From help with small household chores to continuous nursing care, we do it all.

Our services are meant to make life a little easier for you and help you seamlessly integrate into your community. The staff at Providence Healthcare can assist you at home, on-site as well as in the outside world. Providence Healthcare Disability Support services include Community Service, Therapeutic support, Innovative Community Participation and Household tasks. We also offer NDIS Support Coordination Services

We can help you in every step of your NDIS journey – from choosing the right NDIS service, applying and managing your funding to ensuring all your needs are met and you get a better quality of life.

Our organisation strives to make the world more accessible to you and your goals more achievable!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Providence Healthcare?

Providence Healthcare is an approved registered NDIS provider. It means that we are authorised to provide certain services to you as long as you have been registered with the NDIS.

Do you have qualified staff?

All staff are well-trained and qualified to provide the services that we offer.

How do I pay for services provided?

Payments for services will come from either the NDIS directly for those whose funding is controlled through the NDIS or for some clients who are in control of their own funding these will be invoiced directly.

What help do you offer?

Our role is to work with you and your completed plan to support you in the process of pursuing an independent life as much as possible. We will work closely with you in the realisation of your plans and objectives.

What if I am not happy with the services?

We welcome you to contact us to discuss your concerns. We are here to help and we welcome your feedback.

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