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Who are the Best NDIS Support Coordinators in Mentone?

by | Oct 13, 2022 | NDIS | 0 comments

Are you an NDIS participant in Mentone who finds it difficult to fully comprehend your NDIS plan? Or are you unsure about how to make the plan work best for you? Your problem can be resolved by hiring the best support coordinators in Mentone.

What does a Support Coordinator do?

Before we begin the quest for the Best NDIS Support Coordinators in  Mentone, let’s quickly understand why you need one. What does a Support coordinator do?

A support coordinator is essentially someone who will help you understand and use the services you’re funded for. They’ll also connect you to other community, mainstream, and government services. Your support coordinator will help you plan and manage your services so that you’re getting the most out of your funded support. Moreover, they can assist you in preparing for your plan review.

Now that you know how they can help you, let’s see where you can find the best Support Coordinators in Mentone.


1.      Providence Healthcare

Rating: 5


Address: 1/171 Nepean Hwy, Mentone VIC 3194

Providence Healthcare is a leading NDIS provider in Mentone, with decades of experience in providing quality care to people living with disabilities. Under the leadership of Dr Isaac Olaniyi, the company offers holistic care and support to disabled people with all types of support needs.

They offer a range of Disability Support services including Support Coordination. Providence Healthcare has a pool of highly talented and experienced support coordinators who work closely with you and your team of trusted supporters to help you achieve your life goals. If you are looking for the best Support Coordinators in Mentone, your search stops here!

The support coordinators will help you to understand and implement your NDIS plan, so you get the most out of your funded support.  On top of that, they can help you break down your plan and connect you to the local services that best suit your needs. Their goal is to help you achieve greater independence so you can easily manage your support in the long term.

What Sets them Apart?

Providence Healthcare is different from other service providers in the area because they focus more on the NDIS participants’ choices, concerns, goals and requirements. Along with helping you choose the right services, implement the plan effectively and prepare for the plan review.

Along with that, Providence Healthcare’s support coordinators help you properly understand the plan so that you can manage your NDIS plan independently in the future.


What do People say About Providence Healthcare?

I could not speak highly enough of Steve and the team at Providence Health, for all the assistance and support they have given me since I was fortunate enough to be finally referred to them, after a rough journey, doing everything on my own, before that time. For numerous months, and after multiple attempts, I had struggled to obtain help from anywhere concerning applying for NDIS support and funding, (such help was not initially available) and, as a result of putting in applications without the appropriate assistance, my independent attempts were unsuccessful. Things finally turned around, after I initially spoke to Steve, who was extremely helpful, engaging his entire team working behind the scenes on my behalf. Steve and the team at Providence guided me and supported me through what became a more positive journey, receiving the much-needed NDIS support and services for the first time. I am eternally grateful and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional support, instead of going it alone and struggling! – Bev Curtis

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Providence Healthcare is dedicated to helping the people around us live better and more independent life. Let us know how we can help you.

2.      Hollystic Care

Ratings: 5 stars


You can find one of the best NDIS Support Coordinators in Mentone here. Hollystic Care is a registered NDIS provider that is dedicated to assisting people with disabilities to overcome the challenges that they encounter on a day-to-day basis to live a wholesome life.

The company provides many NDIS disability support services including Support Coordination. Their Support Coordinators can assist you in understanding and better managing your NDIS plan to coordinate your accessible services to meet your needs.

This service is meant to help you in building your capacity and improve your confidence in engaging with your community by overcoming all the difficulties you face in leading an independent life. The support coordinators work closely with you and/or your carer to design and provide services that precisely meet your requirements. They help you monitor, maintain, and evaluate your Plan to ensure that it is meeting your needs.

Best NDIS Support Coordinators in Mentone


3.      We Support U

Ratings: 5 stars


Address: 20/328 Reserve Rd, Cheltenham VIC 3192

We Support U is a registered NDIS Provider servicing Melbourne’s Bayside, Southern, South East and Peninsula regions. With a team of trained Support Coordinators, they can assist participants in achieving their NDIS targets. They will work with you and your family to help you identify options that will meet your requirements by listening, discussing NDIS plans, and assisting you to understand the process.

The support coordinators at We Support U will assist you in understanding the NDIS plans and processes to develop your capacity to do so. They will assist you throughout the plan review process and coordinate with members of the support team to assist with ensuring the NDIS funds are properly allocated and utilised to meet your individual needs and goals.


4.      Direct Care Assistance

Ratings: 4 stars


Address: 213 Warrigal Rd, Cheltenham VIC 3192

Direct Care Assistance is a disability support service provider that prides itself on always putting the participants first. They offer personalised disability support services and create custom plans that meet your individual support needs.

The company believes in listening to and respecting your choice and decisions as they work with you to build your capacity and independence. They are a team of trained, fun and vibrant people who work with the highest ethical standards so you can build the life you want. Direct Care Assistance delivers personalised and dynamic disability support services across Melbourne including Support Coordination in Mentone and nearby areas.

Their Support Coordination service is designed to assist you in building the skills required to better understand and use your NDIS plan to pursue your goals.


5.      Ability Plus Disability Services

Ratings: 3.7 stars


Address: 47A Wangara Rd, Cheltenham VIC 3192

Ability Plus Disability Services is a progressive company that provides participant-centred support. They focus on helping NDIS participants reach their goals. They believe that the best way to help you achieve your goals is by getting to know you and your family.

The Support Coordinators at Ability Plus work closely with you to help you utilise your support budgets to achieve your goals effectively. They will help you find different mainstream, community and informal support options and choose a service that best suits your needs.


Final Words

If you want to find the best NDIS Support Coordinators in Mentone, we have compiled all the best options for you here. With Providence Healthcare, you can rest assured that you will get the best possible care.

Tell Us More About You

Providence Healthcare is dedicated to helping the people around us live better and more independent life. Let us know how we can help you.


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