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How to increase your NDIS funding?

In this Webinar, you will learn How to:


Analyse your current goals and explore the ways and techniques to increase your chances of getting your NDIS funding approved.


Prepare for your NDIS Plan review Meeting by learning about what you will be asked, who will attend the meeting and what happens after the meeting.

seek help

Learn how the Local Area Coordinators and Support Coordinators can help you with your NDIS Plan review meeting.

get approved

Find the supporting evidence you need to get your funding approved and the time and process of getting the approval.


Learn what to do after your Plan Review meeting or when you arenot happy with the results of the meeting.

About Providence Healthcare

Providence Healthcare is one of the best NDIS service providers in Australia that aims to empower people with disability to become more independent. We help the vulnerable members of our community get the support they need to achieve their goals by providing quality care and services.

Providence Healthcare personalises all of its services to your individual support needs. Our disability support services are available to the physical as well as the mentally disabled. 

In the last 3 years, we have focused on building services to support people with a range of physical and mental disabilities. With over 100 staff members spread across Victoria, our team is equipped to assist participants at home, onsite and in the community. As a GP-aligned registered NDIS Provider, Providence Healthcare adheres to the highest standards and takes a holistic approach to care and support.


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