Therapeutic Support

To help you improve your participation and independence

The NDIS therapeutic supports are in place to help you improve your social and community participation. All our allied health professionals are trained to assess your needs and provide therapeutic support. At Providence, we believe in delivering comprehensive care and support for people living with a disability. We adhere to the highest standards and take a holistic approach to care and support. Our team consists of an Exercise Physiologist, Psychologist, Psycho-Social Recovery Coach, Support Workers, and Counsellors to help you improve your daily living.  All our allied health professionals can tailor a plan to suit your support needs. They are also trained to prepare assessment reports that can be used for NDIS review and planning meetings.

Right from administering medications to assisting you with your daily activities, our trained team of nurses are equipped to assist you in your NDIS journey.

Psycho social recovery coach

A certified Psychosocial recovery coach is trained to collaborate with you and your carers and implement a recovery plan to help you achieve your mental health goals. Some of our coaches have lived experience and are able to assist you better with your questions. Right from getting to know you, to sourcing the right service provider, their role is to help your lead a meaningful life. 


Counselling plays a significant role in maintaining an individual’s well-being. Counsellors can help you create a positive impact whilst build emotional acceptance and growth throughout your NDIS journey.

Exercise Physiologist

A qualified Exercise Physiologist will work closely with you to understand your support needs and design a plan that will help you improve your daily living. They begin with an initial assessment to understand your medical condition and identify areas where exercise can be incorporated to improve your day-to-day living. From getting you the right information to optimising your exercise plan, they can help you manage your condition better whilst making sure you’re receiving all the supports you need to live independently. 


Our certified Psychologists can provide specialised counselling and support for people with psychosocial disability and help them improve their daily living. They can assist with managing the complex challenges of your day-to-day living and work with you to understand your mental health needs and encourage you to achieve your personal goals. They also play a big part in psychoeducation and communication. 

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