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Providence Healthcare 24*7 Complex Support Services

 Providence Healthcare provides a varied range of Disability Support Services for NDIS participants who require complex and multiple supports. We have skilled and experienced staff who can provide a wide range of support to you whenever you need it- day and night. Our 24*7 Complex Support Services includes support workers, rapid hospital discharge, community access, nursing care and in-home support

What do our 24*7 Complex Support Services Include

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Community Nursing Services

Providence Healthcare’s Community Nursing Service provides high-quality nursing care to people living with disabilities. Our services include both at-home and at-hospital nursing care. Our nurses can work with the hospital staff to ensure you get the best care possible and make a fast recovery. 

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In-home Support

For those of you who need a little help in living independently, we provide in-home support. We help you do household tasks, learn new skills, and provide other disability support services according to your unique support requirements. Both active night support and sleepover support are available.

Support Coordination

Rapid Hospital Discharge

We help people with a disability who are clinically ready for discharge from the hospital to transition into new or temporary accommodation funded by the NDIS while providing them with the support appropriate for their needs. We can also arrange Medium-term accommodations for you.

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Community Access

With one of our caring staff by your side, we can help you get out and about to participate in social activities and sports or catch up with friends and family. You can participate in activities and sports of your choice.

Disabled Young man with Nurse at Home

Support Workers

We provide you with skilled and trained support workers who can help you with a lot of tasks according to your needs. They can help you with household chores, shopping, transportation, meal prep, social skill development and so on.

What are the Benefits of  Our 24*7 Complex Support Services

At Providence Healthcare, our main goal is to help you live an independent and full life. With our 24*7 Disability Support Services, even the individuals with the most complex or multiple support needs can live a more independent life.

We provide personalised support to help you enjoy a high quality of life, access the community, and live according to your preferences. We are there to hold your hand at all times. You can use our support services for your daily routine, including overnight.

Providence Healthcare has skilled, qualified and experienced support staff. They can provide a wide range of support during the day and night including implementation of behaviour support strategies, medication administration, PEG feeding, epilepsy management, diabetes management, hoist/transfer support, personal care, assistance to engage in activities and appointments outside the home.


What can you expect from our 24*7 Complex Support Services?

  • Support workers who understand and prioritise your needs
  • Active night support for those who need intermittent or continuous staff assistance throughout the night.
  • Sleepover support for those who might need the support at some point in the night
  • Assistance with daily personal activities like cooking, cleaning, and so on
  • Nursing Assistance and help with Rapid Discharge from the Hospital
  • Community Access includes participation in activities of your choice

Why Choose Providence Healthcare’s 24*7 Complex Support Services?

  • Our NDIS disability support workers are highly experienced, properly trained and adequately qualified
  • We perform extensive background checks to ensure we only hire the best in our team
  • Our support services are precisely tailored to match your needs and desires
  • Our staff is capable of delivering comprehensive support programs for people with complex care needs.
  • At Providence Healthcare, we will always put you and your needs first

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