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Are you a Support Coordinator, Plan manager or an Allied Health provider for NDIS? Partner with Providence Healthcare, a premier registered NDIS service provider. We are a one-stop shop for NDIS participants with access to the best possible services and support.

Join hands with us and together we can make the world a better place for individuals with a disability.

Why should you Partner with Providence Healthcare?

Providence Healthcare is one of the premiere NDIS service providers in Australia. Our goal is to empower people with disability and complex support needs to become more independent and achieve their goals. Providence Healthcare provides personalized quality care for vulnerable members of the community.

We offer services like 24/7 complex support, residential care, at-home support, nursing care, and more. Our team consists of nurses. support workers, doctors, physical therapists, psychosocial coaches, support coordinators, and allied health professionals.

Providence Healthcare believes in inclusivity and our organisation works with people from all backgrounds. Our goal is to provide equal opportunities for everyone to achieve their full potential. We would love to collaborate with like-minded individuals and work together to provide the best possible care to individuals with a disability.

If you have clients in the need of NDIS services like in-home support, nursing care, residential support, therapists and more, partner with us. We can also help you connect with more clients who are in need of your services.

How can Providence Healthcare Help you?

Providence Healthcare is a registered NDIS provider that is committed to providing participants with holistic care and support that helps them live full and independent life.


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Providence Healthcare – Who are We?

Providence Healthcare is the best NDIS service provider in Australia. Our mission is “To support those in our community who live with a disability with excellent services”. We empower people with disability to become more independent. We do this by providing quality care and services that support vulnerable members of our community to achieve their goals. 

Providence Healthcare was founded by Dr Isac Olaniyi. Dr Isaac is a highly experienced medical professional, with many years of experience working in a variety of settings, including emergency medicine, surgery, and obstetrics. He is passionate about all areas of general practice and is especially interested in skin cancer surgery, mental health, orthopaedics, and trauma. He is also dedicated to women’s health and chronic disease management. But his real interest lies in helping people with disabilities.

That’s why he started Providence Healthcare which provides holistic care and support to vulnerable members of society. We believe in making a difference in the world by providing personalised care to our clients. 

Our client-centric approach means we always go above and beyond to help participants reach their goals and live more independent lives. Along with the participants, we also believe in taking care of our staff and partners and helping them achieve their full potential and a healthy work-life balance.

We’re approved to provide a variety of NDIS services, such as 24*7 complex support, support coordination, psychosocial recovery coaching, community nursing, early childhood interventions, supported independent living and more

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