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All you need to know about Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

by | Dec 17, 2022 | Disability Support | 1 comment

As a person with a psychosocial disability or mental illness, you might benefit from NDIS’s Psychosocial Recovery Coaching. So, let’s help you understand what psychosocial recovery coaching is and how it can help you in your journey to independence.

But before moving forward, let’s understand what a psychosocial disability is.

What is a Psychosocial Disability?

Psychosocial disabilities occur when a person with a mental health issue interacts with a social setting that hampers their equality in society. A psychosocial disability restricts a person’s ability to

  • Manage stress
  • Concentrate
  • Understand social cues
  • Respond to certain types of environments
  • Complete certain tasks
  • Multi-task and Time management
  • Interact with others

What is a Psychosocial Recovery Coaching?

To help people with psychosocial disabilities, NDIS introduced psychosocial recovery coaching where NDIS participants with serious psychological issues could hire a psychosocial recovery coach. The service was made available on July 1, 2020.

A “Psychosocial recovery coach” is a professionally trained person who assists persons with psychosocial disabilities in gaining control of their lives and dealing with their daily challenges.

A Psychosocial recovery coach is there to help people with psychosocial disabilities recognise, reflect on, and take charge of their own rehabilitation. They help the individual, their families and carers in creating and implementing a recovery plan for the individual. Additionally, they assist the participants to coordinate their other NDIS support services as well.

Psychosocial recovery coaches have learned about or experienced living with a psychosocial disability and they are adept at understanding the needs of such people.

What does a Recovery Coach do?

The responsibilities of a Recovery Coach include:

  1. Developing a recovery-enabling relationship
  2. Increasing the participants’ awareness of choice and control
  3. Helping the participant identify their individual goals
  4. Help them develop strategies to achieve their goals
  5. Provide continuous support and engagement even when the participants might require higher support
  6. Help individuals in capacity building, increasing their recovery skills, resilience and decision-making skills
  7. Helping participants get the best out of their NDSI plan
  8. Connect participants with other mainstream supports

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Providence Healthcare is dedicated to helping the people around us live better and more independent life. Let us know how we can help you.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Which qualifications should a Psychosocial Recovery Coach have?

Although there’s no mandatory qualification specified, however, it is suggested that they have a tertiary degree in peer work or mental health. A psychosocial recovery coach should at least have a Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work or a Certificate IV in Mental Health) and/or two years of experience in work directly related to mental health.

They should have considerable experience in dealing with mental health issues and psychosocial disorders. They should have an intricate understanding of mental illnesses and how people with mental health issues interact with the world.

How is Psychosocial Recovery Coaching different from Support Coordination?

People often confuse psychosocial recovery coaching with support coordination. While both the support coordinator and the psychosocial recovery coach help NDIS participants with capacity building, their focus is different.

A support coordinator’s main focus is helping the participants get the most out of their NDIS plan. And you don’t need a specific diagnosis to have support coordination as part of your NDIS plan.

 On the other hand, psychosocial recovery coaching is a service specifically designed for individuals with the primary diagnosis of psychosocial disability. Recovery coaches use their unique understanding of mental health services to ensure clients receive the best support to achieve their goals.

Support coordination and recovery coaching, in general, are not covered in the same NDIS plan.

What should you look for in Psychosocial Recovery Coaching Services?

If you are eligible for NDIS’s Psychosocial Recovery Coaching, you should look for a recovery coach with the following qualities.

  • The person should have ample experience with mental health
  • Make sure you ask for their background, qualification and experience
  • Choose someone you feel comfortable enough talking to about your issues
  • They should be well-connected and have a network of support and services
  • Your psychosocial recovery coach should have the ability to understand your needs and interact with you in a way that works best for you.

Wrapping up

As a person struggling with psychosocial or psychological disabilities, a good recovery coach can make all the difference. They can help you learn important skills and build resilience and decision-making skills. A good recovery coach can make your journey of independence easier and smoother.

And if your long-term goal is more independence, choose Providence Healthcare’s Psychosocial Recovery Coaching services. We have a team of highly-qualified, trained, collaborative and respectful recovery coaches whose primary job is to help you live a better life.


Our Recovery Coaches combine the principles of recovery-orientated practice with coaching principles to assist you to take more control of your life and to better manage the complex challenges of day-to-day living. They work with you collaboratively to assist you to live a full and meaningful life and to build capacity and resilience through strong and respectful relationships.

Tell Us More About You

Providence Healthcare is dedicated to helping the people around us live better and more independent life. Let us know how we can help you.

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